the best trait i feel is… i we are ever improving and we reach our goals eventually…. We were arguing more often, but about nothing that wasn’t fixable, or so I thought. because i trust him more than myself and he trust me more than himself ❤ need your best wishes 🙂 sorry for the spelling mistakes in my first comment…other then this i will recommend a lady who is in love with a virgo man. hi i am virgo and 28 year old ,i just want to know about virgo luck virgo dating libra. We follow opinions of our valued customers and try to implement further changes to improve the quality of the site. Before you plan to cook anything you better check w/him & get it down to a science. I have dated a virgo sun pisces ascendant for over 14 yrs and the only thing thats right about the article is the fact that they look for the ” perfect ” woman. In the beginning it was him initiating contact and showing interest…At some point we had sex and came really close to each other. Do you think a relationship between a Virgo man and Sagittarius woman can actually work, and work well.

I am the perfect woman for any man because i do everything a man and a woman should do in one… virgo dating libra. If a Virgo is too much picky , criticizing or stubborn then you already have made him annoyed. You are looser I m sorry btw that Virgo man got his lessons and next time he will be tripple careful dating woman like you. I have been dating a Virgo for a month and a half (being in contact for 2 and a half months). it may take more time than others bcz of our perfectionism…. However, I got the feeling that he needs PERFECTION, which is unattainable given that I’m human; also, it was hard for me to take the frequent criticisms. How do I get him to realize that I can be the one for him. I loved him to pieces, but he said he felt like he didn’t make me happy. Also we supposedly don’t like junk food.

This 1 didn’t even drink and acted just like a mean drunk-all day/everyday. An example of improvement can be the introduction of the guarantee program as a part of our VIP Club membership. I can control myself very well, but what should I do..
. Then a couple nights ago, he told me he realized that he wasn’t sure if he wanted it. Actually in my all life, i could not date to any girl. virgo male who is so set in his ways & struggles to even attepmt to comprmise. I’m a capricorn and dated a virgo man (reason we seperated was i dont like long distance relationships and i would never ask him to stay). Virgoes are maniac if you do not give what they want make them feel unwanted. .


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